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Company Profile

Located in Zhengzhou superhard materials and tools center, TKD sources for the world, with technical innovation spirit, we devote ourselves to take the responsibility and ready to accept challenges aiming to push the boundary of superhard materials and tools industry as our business ultimate goal!

Our business lines include: PCD(polycrystalline diamond), PDC(polycrystalline diamond compact), CVD diamond, PCBN, diamond wheels and related superhard materials processing machinery (High precision 2D and 3D laser cutting machine )!

Applicable industry

Oil &Gas drilling and mining industry
Woodworking and metal working, stone working, 3C industry
Wear parts for super high precision machining, quarry, wire drawing, construction industry
2D-Laser cutting and 3D-laser engraving industry
Jewelry industry

Our Culture

Technical innovation, greenness & harmony


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