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Polycrystalline Diamond PCD Picks / Bits

Polycrystalline Diamond PCD Picks / Bits

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1, Road milling drum, road planning machine drums etc.
2, Mining machine like continuous miner drums, longwall shearer drums etc.
3, Quarry, tunnel boring machine(shield machine)foundation, rotary drilling rig, tunneling, trenching machine drums etc.

Creative PCD tip:

PCD tips(diamond enhanced picks/bits): There are many special patent design for PCD tips, like dome shape, sphere shape, ballistic shape etc. Our R&D center will meet all your requirement as per different working condition. Please see some of our creative design for clients:

Detailed description:

Our bit body is made of high quality ASTM4142 or 42CrMo Alloy steel, heat treated up to 40-44 HRC hardness, with high toughness and wear resistance features matching with pcd tips. Our pcd is made to be compatible with the machine in regards to features like high feed rate, wear resistance and short tool changing time.

Advantages compared with Kennametal carbide picks:

1, Our PCD tool tip life is 30-40 times higher than the TC tip and price is 8-10times higher than carbide like Kennametal, sandvik brand of carbide.
2, Our PCD tool works at very high speed compared with carbide tip and consume less fuel.
3, By using our pcd picks, it reduces lot for vibration in operation of machine.
4, Our pcd tool/bit is made to give economical daily production volume.
5, We provide professional service in designing the best suitable tool for your target projects.

Below are some of standard pcd mining pick specifications for your reference:

Some machine pictures which can be used by our pcd picks for your reference :

We also offer PCD picks / bits / tools as per following

1) Kennametal code: C31,C31HD, C21, C21HD, C23, C23HD,CM42, SM42HP17, SM42LR19, SM42LR22, SM42HP25,U85, U85HD, U86, U86HD, etc.

2) Betek Code: B47K19, B47K24LK70-F, B47K19/60, B46K12LK77, B47K12/60, B1HDK11/22, B47K19H etc.

You can contact us for our professional guidance help in selecting a correct & suitable product for your target project. Normally we design 3 different types of drawings for client final confirmation. We are professional expert in PCD picks, and will not let any client down by using our picks !

E-Mail: sale@tkd-hn.com

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