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Element Six PCD cutting blanks

Element Six PCD cutting blanks

We offer top quality of domestic and E6 brand of PCD cutting tool blanks/disc/plates for cutting tools widely used for woodworking, plastic, CNC metal working industry etc.

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Element Six(E6) brand of PCD cutting tool blank is supplied by TKD with stable safety stock for long run, during the customer long-term on site trial feedback, we get the testing result that PCD blanks from E6 is with brilliant machinability.

It is easier and time saving to be grinded by PCD/PCBN grinders. And machining life and quality stability is superior to domestic PCD blanks.

There is good stock for E6 brand of PCD blanks in our company, which quality is 20-30% higher than domestic type, but price is around 15% higher than domestic type.

The item possesses high hardness, wear resistance and excellent impact resistance, which makes it ideal super hard composite materials that achieve high efficient performance.

PCD Diamond Compact Full-Round Blanks
D/mmSize(A x D)T/mmT/mmDiamond Grain Size/μm
76+/-0.1360 R x761.6/2.00.45+/-0.1CMX850, CTB010,CTH025,CTM302
76 +/-0.1360 R x760.5-0.60.2-0.3CMX850, CTB010,CTH025,CTM302
Different Shape Of PCD Cutting Blanks / Tips
We Offer Straight Cut, Chamfering Cut, Hole Drilling Pcd Blanks And Tips As Per Client Needs By Laser Cutting Machine or EDM Cutting Machine.
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