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Polycrystalline CVD diamond

For Tooling Industry

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Polycrystalline CVD Diamond offers Tool Makers Greater Options For Tooling


TKD company supplies CVD diamond for polycrystalline and single crystal materials with consistent and repeatable properties. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled to synthesis materials tailored to the needs of a particular application.


Size availability:

Max diameter: D66 and D60 mm.

Rough Thickness range: 0.25mm-1.8mm

Polished thickness: Between 0.2-1.0mm

Polishing precision: 》15 nm

Polishingside:Nucleation and growing surfaces both.


Processing way to achieve different size and shape: High precision Laser cutting method.


CVD diamond properties:

Fully dense with high purity diamond.

High abrasion resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient

Good electrical conductivity.


CVD polycrystalline diamond is used as submount film(heat spreader,heat sinker) for high-power electronic and optoelectronic devices, such as high-power couplers, high-power integrated circuits, microwave diodes and laser diodes etc.


Standard Sizesas per above mentioned.

For Large size needed, we offer two types below:

1, Economic type: Few cracks or chips are allowed on the surface of CVD wafer/film.

2, Premium type: No any crack is allowed on the surface of CVD wafer/film.


Before you make inquiry, please do make specific drawing and requirement for our reference.

Features and Performance


CVD grade:

Standard for CDU at wear ratio: (45-70) x10000 (Matching with E6 grade of CDM)

Premium grade for CDP at wear ratio: (65-95) x10000 (Matching with E6 grade of CDD)



CVD diamond dresser blanks(CVD diamond films/wafer) can be laser cut into required shapes widely used in the manufacture of single point diamond dresser, muti-point dressers, dressing wheels etc.




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