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Mono-crystal CVD Diamond For Jewellery

Mono-crystal CVD Diamond For Jewellery

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Lab grown diamond Rough stone

HPHT is one of method to create lab grown diamond by hydralic press machine, engineers mix the diamond power and graphite together to dissolve in metal catalyst, this carbon dissolved from catalyst flow into high pressure cavity by high temperature and high pressure reaction, in this way, the carbon grows on the lower temperature diamond seeds into jewelry grade white, yellow mono crystal diamond.

1. Lab grown diamond for HPHT rough stones for jewelry and optical application.

Size and quality available (see below chart)

Quality-size1ct/8-10pcs (2.2-2.5mm)1ct/4-6pcs(2.5-3.0mm)1ct/3-4pcs(3.0-3.5mm)1ct/2-3pcs(3.5-4.0mm)1ct/1-2pcs1.2-1.5ct/pc
DEF,    VS 100%YesYesYesYesfewfew
DEF, VS-SIYesYesYesYesfewfew
GH, VS 100%NoNoyesyesyesyes
GH, VS-SINoNoyesyesyesyes

Polished Lab grown HPHT diamond :

The quality of the large single crystal CVD rough diamond produced by the CVD special furnace process can be completely comparable to that of a natural single crystal, and more colorful diamonds can be produced by doping into natural diamonds.

Our CVD rough diamond can be controlled strictly in the process of growing stage of the furnace.

And we master the world most advanced technology for growing single CVD diamond directly into most precious top white color(no need hpht color enhancement stage) which is second to none CVD growing technology in the whole world.

For each batch of rough CVD single crystals, 95% are evaluated as D-G color, VS1 and plus clarity by IGI certificate center grading expert.

Color: white.
Rough size: 5mm -12mm
Size range: Estimated polished weight 1.0-1.499ct, 1.5-1.99ct, 2.0-2.99ct
Color range: H and plus.
Clarity range: VS and plus.
Price : Discount based on rapaport list (Estimated polish weight-G-VS1 as calculation)

Lab grown diamond polished stone for CVD

Color: white,pink,blue
Polished size: round brilliant and fancy shape: 0.3-2.9ct, special shape: 0.3-6.0ct.
Color range:D-I
Clarity range: VVS-SI
Cut work:EX-GD
Certificate:Yes, with IGI certificate

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