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PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

2019-10-18 13:29:02 TKD CO., LTD Reading 12 Times


TKD provides PCD Tool blanks with a diameter of 62mm. This is the largest diameter PCD tool blank made in China. The performance and quality of this large diameter tool blank can be compared with that of element 6, but the cost is more advantageous.


The products provided by TKD are tested by advanced testing equipment such as raw material testing instrument (SEM), PCD finished product testing equipment of ultrasonic scanning technology (C-scan), etc. at the same time, the company also has mature PCD surface treatment technology, advanced laser cutting technology.


The PCD Cutting tool blanks provided by TKD is most widely used in precision die industry. It can provide 1 μ m, 2 μ m, 5 μ m, 10 μ m, 25 μ m and mixed particle size. In addition to grain size, polished or unpolished PCD surface, PCD layer thickness and cemented carbide matrix thickness can also be selected. We also provide non-standard products on request.

TKD blanks are widely used in the processing of non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum, copper, aluminum / gray iron composite materials, as well as the processing of non-metallic materials such as wood, particleboard, ceramics, plastics, rubber, etc., which require high wear resistance and good surface finish.

The company has been committed to the development of new PCD tool blank grades, which are suitable for cutting and processing industries in a variety of new materials and emerging materials, and used to meet customer needs of the tool.


application area:

PCD Cutting Tool blanks are widely used in various industries:

1.  Woodworking industry

TKD PCD cutter blank fine micron series is suitable for processing solid wood, bamboo and plastic; medium particle size is suitable for general purpose such as particleboard, wood composite, MDF and laminate floor; mixed micron and coarse micron series are mainly used for HPL veneer floor, PVC floor, MDF / HDF. And reinforced particle board.

2. Metal processing industry: automobile, aerospace, etc.

Many grades of TKD PCD Tool blanks are suitable for machining various materials in automobile, aerospace and other industries.

Our submicron PCD is mainly used for low silicon alloy to obtain perfect machined surface. Fine micron PCD series are mainly used for processing low silicon aluminum alloy, copper and copper alloy, and medium micron is mainly used for less than 14% Si / Al alloy workpiece. Mixing micron and coarse micron is beneficial to machining more than 14% Si / Al alloy workpieces, cast iron, cemented carbide, CFRP, titanium and metal matrix composites.

3. Electronic industry (3C)

Medium and fine grain TKD PCD products are also suitable for the processing of mobile phone frames, buttons, electronic circuit boards, etc. which need better surface finish.

4. Building materials industry

TKD PCD products with medium and coarse grain size are also widely used in the processing of graphite, stone, carbon fiber composite materials and other different materials with high wear resistance requirements in the construction industry.



One. China's largest R & D Center for superhard materials and the strongest manufacturing center for superhard materials.

II. The largest diameter of PCD tool blank manufacturers in China

Three. Wide PCD granularity from submicron to coarse micron can be used in all woodworking and metalworking applications.

Four. Very large production capacity ensures the rapid delivery of the whole PCD blank and PCD cutting head

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