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Super Abrasive Silicon PCD

Super Abrasive Silicon PCD

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TKD type of Si-PCD has hardness, strength, and toughness approaching that of Co-sintered PCD but provides superior thermal stability. The ceramic bonded composite is impervious to most corrosives.  TKD Si-PCD can compete with Versimax diamond composite with better wear out ratio but much reasonable rate !
1,Silicon bond with EDM cutting diamond, it makes pure PCD cuttable to form any shape.
2,  High temperature bearing, Silicon bond solid pcd can bear higher temperature at 1200 °C, while metal bond pcd only bear 700°C or so.
3, High wear ratio than any type of polycrystalline diamond, it achieves 3-4 times higher wear ratio than standard PCD/TSP.
4, High corrosion resistance and flexibility in producing complex shapes.
5, It can get high precision on the surface after polishing.
Water cutting sandtube, flue gas atomizer nozzles,  wire drawing die etc, also some automobile industry use this materials as well to achieve high precision and high wear result.
Size available:
D40x H30
D40 x H25
D30 x H30
D30 x H28 ....

We can form any shape as per EDM cutting method.

Thermal stable Polycrystalline Diamond TSP

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