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Special PDC Cutting Tools

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TKD has more than 10 years rich experience in superhard materials industry, we gain lot of relation resources and professional knowledge of understanding and mastering most advanced type of high precision machinery for PCD related tools.

You can really count on TKD as PCD tools specialist to unite all powerful resources to solve your PCD tools processing difficulties.


Our working capacities with PCD tools are as below:


1, 2D & 3D Straight cutting, taper cutting, shape engraving with excellent topdimension precision at :+/-0.008mm.

2, Straight through hole, blind hole drilling at smallest hole size of 0.1mm, taper hole drilling,Counter bore (counter sink ) drilling etc.

3, Surface Grinding, outer round surface grinding, inner round surface grinding, inner hole grinding.

4, Surface/inner hole mirror polishing at smoothness of :<20nm.

5, High precision and qualified vacuumbrazing work.


If you are looking for business cooperation regarding building the whole set of production line of PCD tools, we are very happy to professionally guide you with ONE STOP of the best qualified machinery MADE IN CHINA with most effective cost.


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