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PCD-equipped Dead Centers

PCD-equipped Dead Centers

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Compared  with old generation of hard alloy or alloy steel materials of dead  center, TKD has launched new high precision PCD(polycrystalline diamond)  equipped dead centers, after 2 years tracking domestic initial users,  we help to solve the problems of all using conditions.And summarized the  set of usage tips and notice to recommend our new users.


Product description


The  new generation diamond dead center is made of diamond polycrystalline  material using special techniques embedded in the dead center base which  is made of high strength steel.

Material Technical data:

Polycrystalline diamond tiphardness: > HV8000, 80~180 times harder than hardalloy,

Wear ratio > 250,000,

Thermal conductivity > 700W/mk,

1.5~9 times that of hard alloy,

Friction coefficient > 0.1-0.3 (hard alloy is 0.4-1);


Because  of the above excellent properties of polycrystalline diamond materials,  the advantages of the PCD dead centerare mainly include:

  1. 1.    Ultra-high wear resistance and service life of 80-180 times that of hard alloy center.

  2. 2.    Good  thermal conductivity, reduce the friction heat generated in the work  and avoid the central hole of the workpiece being burned and deformed,  causing changes in the central position and affecting the machining  accuracy.

  3. 3.    The  friction coefficient is much lower which cangreatly reduce the friction  resistance, and the vibration of workpiece, to improve the processing  accuracy.

  4. 4.    Polycrystalline  diamond under 650° showed good chemical inertness, resistant to strong  acid,alkali,suitablefor all kinds of operating mode under the condition  of work.

PCD-equipped Dead Centers Specification Dimension table


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